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Who We Are ?

MDTS specialise in providing Internet based services for small and large businesses. Special attention is paid to your business, all work produced is designed and implemented to fit with the culture of your business. We believe image portrayal is a key factor to the success of a business and understand that an Internet based system is a major shop front for many businesses.

Our Mission

Taking the Internet to the next level of operability, MDTS provide interactive Internet solutions based on a detailed analysis of your businesses Internet presence and recommendations as to providing that strategic edge over your competitors. Typical implementations include E-Commerce sites which provide fully functional online shopping facilities, or specialist online systems to provide a unique service to your clients.

While being able to cater for complete business integration strategies, we appreciate that the Internet is dominated with "normal" websites. mdts will design and host standard websites. While most smaller businesses have static web pages, we feel our customers deserve to stand out from the competition, and offer many modular enhancements without you footing a huge bill.

We at MDTS welcome new customers and intend to keep them. You won't be left high and dry, a year down the road, all our customers can take advantage of our continual improvements programme.

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